YSEALI #1EARTH Webinar Series

In celebration of #EarthDay2020 and the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, American Spaces Philippines and YSEALI AMPLIFY 4.0 bring you a series of discussions on ongoing environmental issues, the importance of taking action to create solutions and how we can protect the Earth amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Watch the complete series below.

Episode 1:
On our first episode, we will look at the importance of agriculture in ensuring good health during this crisis and how the agricultural sector supports the food supply and the economy.
Episode 2:
On our second episode, we will look at the impact of the ongoing pandemic to the ocean and how can we help save our seas at the comforts of our home.
Episode 3:
On our third episode, we will look at how the wildlife trade drove the transmission of animal-borne illnesses such as COVID-19. Why is it important to protect wildlife and how can we prevent similar pandemic in the future?
Episode 4:
On our final episode, we will learn tips on how to reduce our use of Earth’s natural and personal resources and how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic became a wake-up call to turn to sustainable living.