Regional Webinars

American Corner – Ahmedabad, American Corner Hyderabad, The American Corner Jaffna, and American Center Manila are co-hosting a panel discussion on Service and Society. The panel consists of four young speakers. This event is to highlight how several young leaders across the region contribute to society through their service. This event is being organized to commemorate National Day of Service.
Why do so few women lead financial institutions in ASEAN? Studies show they produce superior results for companies and economies! How can we increase the number of women leaders in Southeast Asia’s financial sector and how would you benefit?
Join a special meet-up with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman and YSEALI alumni to discuss youth leadership and environmental protection. We can all help safeguard our planet! 
Ever wonder what it’s like to go up in a space shuttle or even walk in space? Join former NASA Astronaut Robert ‘Beamer’ Curbeam as he shares his space mission experiences and discusses the future of space commerce and development!
Join American Corner MarawiMMSU-American Corner Batac, and American Corner Manila – De La Salle University Libraries in celebrating International World Press Freedom Day with AtAmerica. This webinar will discuss how we can protect information as a public good and learn about the challenges to a free press in the U.S. and Southeast Asia.
Bright students from this year’s Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program (SEALYP) are doing amazing projects to help their communities. What exactly are they doing? Find out and be inspired!

Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 1

The first episode of the webinar series looked at the historical significance of Baguio City in US-PH relations while the second episode presented a virtual tour of Baguio City’s heritage sites

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia and the Philippines are seeing an increase in poaching and destructive fishing resulting in overexploitation that threatens both countries’ marine resources. Media plays a vital role in increasing awareness about this ongoing destruction. This webinar featured experts from Indonesia and Philippines and discussed about the dire conditions of their seas and ideas for how the media can help put an end to these destructive practices.

American Spaces Philippines, in collaboration with YSEALI and AtAmerica, co-hosted a virtual speaker program on “Building Community and Leadership During the Global Pandemic” last June 18, 2020. The webinar featured YSEALI alumni from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Cambodia, highlighting how their latest initiatives and projects have helped their local communities in weathering the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This regional webinar with American Center New Delhi  addressed the unique challenges we are facing in tackling health misinformation during the current COVID-19 global pandemic